His story

Rhounage is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He was born in The Netherlands Antilles and descends from a musical family. He stepped into the music-world from a very early age when he started playing the drums. Later on he went to a music school, he started to sing, and got interested in learning to play other instruments as well. Soon after this it became clear to him that he wanted to become a professional musician.

With over 20 years of stage and recording experience, Rhounage is an artist who conveys enthusiasm and steadiness. As one delves into his art, the term “talented” will become evident soon enough. From his early days, and driven by self motivation, he put his heart into his music by practicing daily and never turning down a chance to get on stage.

Today, besides his own music, Rhounage is also doing a Michael Jackson Tribute Show.

His music

His music can be described as a fusion of pop and funk music, but because of his multi-cultural background, he has the ability to play and compose music in many different styles, which makes him a very versatile musician.

In time, Rhounage has been involved in many different musical productions. Besides singing, recording and playing in various bands, he joined dance groups, and worked also as sound-engineer in the studio and live-shows. Over the last years he has been doing also tribute shows to legends like Michael Jackson and others.

Apart from making his own music, he recorded and produced some commercials for radio and television as well. Through the years he performed and/or recorded either solo or in bands in different countries of Western Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

About the website

Rhounage.com was revised recently and new items have been added. We hope you like it. However, we are still working on some pages, and they will be updated soon. If you want other information about Rhounage that has not been published on this website yet, please feel free to contact us. Thank you very much for your visit. Last update: August 1st, 2018

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